Destiny's Calling

Penis Jousting

After the events of the last session, the heroes relaxed. They woke up the next morning with Lia gone. It turns out she had tried performing a magic trick and got stuck inside a hat.

Gathering up their stuff (including the hat) the heroes ventured into the woods for some reason (I must’ve missed why we were in there). Coming across an injured elven woman, the heroes advanced to help her out. Only to be met by a basilisk, a boar and a plant type thing. After dispatching those, we went to help the injured woman and as Birdseye got near her, she turned into a plant like woman and slapped Birdseye and ran off! She was a Dryad (and not a Dyke as Northern Chris thought). We chased her down and killed her. Looting the bodies resulted in nothing much.

We then carried on through the woods where we encountered 4 centaurs. We managed to kill these guys pretty quickly. There was a lot of discussion about penis jousting with centaurs. I had top take a phone call during the fight, so missed a good chunk of it.

Onwards we go, what will we kill next? Only Gareth knows.


We went to the woods because that’s what Destiny told us to do. In the Dragon Room of the Tower of Kraler, there were markings on the wall, showing a dragon flying over an Evergreen Forest. There was also an inscription telling us to follow the dragons.

Penis Jousting

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