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Kraler is a remote town, in the North Eastern corner of Galyana. The townspeople are mostly farmers. There has been no combat in or around Kraler for almost 800 years. The ancient battlefield to the North of Kraler is all that remains of this combat. The battlefield is barren and lifeless, the bodies of fallen soldiers have been long since picked clean and looted. The only sound structure is the floating tower. A dark and powerful magic is believed to be the reason for its longivity.

Kraler’s main attractions (aside from the battlefield) are the Cave of Life; the only source of good magic for many miles. It is also the nearest entrance/exit to the continent of Goranya. Well, the nearest safe entrance/exit. The Mountains of Unimaginable Horror are closer, but no one who ventures there ever survives. The other main attraction of Kraler is The Dragon’s Head; a tavern in the heart of Kraler, where many travellers catch a drink and regale the locals with the tales of their adventures. It is in this tavern where our story begins, and where Destiny calls upon a group of five travellers visiting from far away…

Kraler Assault

While the five travellers, along with new companian Helix Draxzonyx, were busy fighting monsters in The Tower of Kraler, a band of fighters arrived at the town and began a vicious assault. The Town’s Guards are struggling to fend off these aggressors, but are outnumbered. When the travellers return, they see the carnage and rush to the townspeoples aid. But are they too late to save Mayor Mordred?

The Evergreen Death

Our Heroes saved Kraler from the marauding fighters, and now are travelling to an Evergreen Forest, known locally as The Evergreen Death, after making a discovery which makes them think they are part of something bigger than just out of control monsters. They now have to brave this terrifying forest which very few have survived (they survived physically, but became crazed by their ordeal) in order to find more clues as to what this Ultimate Destiny they’ve heard about actually is.

Contradictory Ambush

Our Heroes found another clue in The Evergreen Death pointing towards a volcano, known as the Contradiction (as it spews ice, not lava). Our Heroes must now cross the lake to reach The Contradiction. Who knows what foul creatures lurk below such evil waters. But they must reach The Contradiction if they are to have any hope of uncovering the truth of this Ultimate Destiny.

Of Oxymorons and Contradictions

Our Heroes have safely and successfully traversed the lake surrounding The Contradiction. Now they must brave its icy interior in order to find more clues to the Ultimate Destiny, and the next Sacred Marker. But this bizarre place is crawling with vile beasts, and the presence of evil magic can be felt, it is almost tangeable. Our Heroes will have to keep their eyes peeled if they are to survive this treacherous Ice Volcano.

The Swamp of The Fallen

Our Heroes escape The Contradiction, with a clue which takes them to one of the most Hellish places in Galyana: The Swamp of The Fallen. Here lurk some ofthe most foul and vile wretches in existence. Our Heroes must fight off this scum and trudge through the foul stench of decay that hangs over the swamp like a dense invisible fog, in order to reach the next clue in the quest of Ultimate Destiny.

The Forest of Agony

The Forest of Agony is just south of Kraler. It is an evil place, where even the trees themselves seem to be plotting a terrible demise for anyone foolish enough to enter. It is said to be inhabited by a great number of dark creatures, perhaps it is. There are no known cases of people coming out of the forest alive and sane. But our heroes will need to brave this perilous and evil forest to reach their next destination…

Fallen Mountain

If they survive the Forest of Agony, our heroes will arrive at their destination: Fallen Mountain, so called because hundreds, perhaps thousands of brave explorers have been claimed by this treacherous mountain. You see, Fallen Mountain is no ordinary mountain, it is a floating mountain and one of the 6 markers of Destiny. The heroes must find a way onto the mountain, then brave the perilous caves, fighting off many evil creatures and reach the summit in order to discover a clue to the next marker.

Skyeland Castle (Still under construction as it were)

Skyeland Castle, an ancient castle that hovers 30,000 feet above The Great Forest of Galyana’s Living Hell. Thought to have been detroyed hundreds of years ago. Strange that it should reappear here. It is also where our heroes will go to find more clues about the Ultimate Destiny, and the 5th marker. But to get to it they will need flying mounts, and they will need to engage the hostile enemies that guard Skyeland in aerial dogfights. It’s a long way down if they fall, and even if they survive the fall, they won’t live long enough to reach civilization…

The Canyon of a Thousand Deaths

If our heroes have survived mid air combat and followed the clues at Skyeland Castle, then they will arrive at the beginning of a canyon. The Canyon of a Thousand Deaths. They will need to travel through this canyon to reach the 5th marker. They cannot go around, or risk wandering forever in the Never Ending Dunes. But the canyon is perilous, and infested with hostile creatures that have been starved of humanoid flesh for so long that the weak are killed and devoured. Meaning that only the strong remain.

The Ancient Ruins of Polastellos

Once our heroes have battled their way through the Canyon of a Thousand Deaths, they will be standing before an ancient ruined city. The Lost city of Polastellos, once the capital of Galyana and source of all good magic. But it was lost to the sands shortly after the War of the Gods. Before long it passed into legend, and inevitably myth. But now it has been found, and our heroes must battle its many loyal guardians to uncover the truth of its disappearance, the secrets that the Temple holds, and the clue to the next marker.

Of Gods and Demons (Still under construction as it were)

Our Heroes overcame the Temple’s loyal guardians and found their way into the Astral Gateway Chamber. Once they place their most valuable jewels into the sealed stone doorway, it will open, allowing them to venture into The Astral Sea. It is here that our Heroes face some of the deadliest enemies in existence, encounter traps that not only kill, but prevent resurrection, and uncover the truth of Destiny’s Calling, and take steps toward fulfilling the Ultimate Destiny.

The Road to Ultimate Destiny (Still under construction as it were)

Our Heroes, who now know the truth of Destiny’s Calling, exit The Astral Sea. The Gods have set one last task for them to complete, in order to fulfill the Ultimate Destiny. They must travel The Road to Ultimate Destiny, a path created by the Gods where time stands still, allowing you to travel to the Tower which the Gods created to imprison the forces of Evil that plan on conquering the mortal world, before the Gods magic wears off. Our Heroes must move quickly nevertheless, facing minions of the Evil Army, as the Gods magic will not hold out indefinitely, and they will not be able to seal the Evil Army again for they are too powerful.

The Ultimate Destiny

Our Epic Heroes have blazed the Road to Ultimate Destiny and now stand before the Tower of Ultimate Destiny. Now they face a true behemoth of a challange, as they must go in and challange the deadliest monsters in all of Galyana, one room at a time. They must defeat them all, or risk the lives of all living creatures, and the lives of the Gods themselves. The time has come for our Heroes to answer Destiny’s Calling, and rid the land of terrible evil.

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