Destiny's Calling

Chapter 1 Overview

I forgot to update this myself after each session, or to ask others to write a session report, so I’m going to write a quick summary for Chapter 1: The Tower of Kraler. Hopefully, I’ll remember to ask people to volunteer to write session reports and reward those that do.

Chapter 1: 5 Adventurer’s; Golwar, Birdseye Fishsticks, Lia Lightfoot, Roghar Rhobbing and Arjhan Rhobbing, have been travelling around as a group for a little while now and they come across the town of Kraler. They are having a drink in The Dragon’s Head, Kraler’s tavern, and picking fights with the patrons, when Mayor Mordred enters, followed by an unusual looking Dragonborn. Mordred approaches the adventurers and asks them to rid the town of a blight. He offers to reward them if they are successful. Accompanying them would be the Dragonborn, a Wizard and the sole survivor of the last party to attempt to save Kraler from its troubles. He had been saved by the team’s other wizard, who had teleported the Dragonborn back to Kraler to get help. This Dragonborn was called Olden McGroin. With their numbers slightly increased, and bladders full of ale, the team sets of to the ancient battlefield on the northen edge of Kraler. Here, long looted skeletons lay where they fell, and war machines rotted or in disrepair remain aimed at the centre of the wasteland, where Kraler Tower hovers above ground using ancient magic. The team make use of an ancient catapult that still works, and an invisible staircase that they eventually discover. They don’t have to venture far to discover why the previous team died, the tower is overrun with creatures. As the team battles its way through room after room crawling with baddies, they begin to find the remains of Olden’s former companions. The recently deceased were being protected by magic, most likely cast by the other wizard. But the tower also had magic of its own, whenever the team tried to exit a room with creatures still alive in it, an invisible barrier blocked their exit. Eventually they came before a golden door, which was rigged with a bomb. The team had to correctly enter 4 digit numbers into the combination locks to disarm the bomb and unlock the door. When they passed through the door, they discovered the source of Kraler’s problems: Three Young Black Dragons. Triplets. Something completely unheard of. A fourth dragon was there also, a Young White Dragon by the name of Cyraxis II. He had been talking to the brothers before the team arrived. Initially, Cyraxis II would only observe as the adventurers clashed with the triplets, but when one of the brothers attacked him, he became involved. Unfortunately, three party members lost their lives in battle, the triplets were much more powerful than ordinary YBD’s, and this advantage gave them the edge, but soon the survivors and Cyraxis II were victorious.

The PC’s were a little peeved that I got 3 of them killed. I said that I could bring back one of them. Birdseye was selected, and will be revived next session. I have promised that his revival would be epic, and I will keep that promise. The other two will remain dead. I await the new Characters, so I can add them to the team. I’m not in any particular hurry at the moment however.

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