Roghar Rhobbing

Soic, principled


Roghar and his brother Arjen, grew up in a tribe of Dragonborn. Unfortunately Arjen was dropped on his had when he first broke out of his egg. This has made him somewhat slow. On the flip sid,e he is one of the strongest Dragonborn and is useful in a fight. Roghar took it upon himself to look after his brother and try to see whether he could ever make him “normal”. This meant worhsipping at Melora’s altar in an attempt to get help.

Melora appeared to Roghar one night and asked him to be one of her Holy Soldiers, in return she would look after Arjen. Roghar went to a religious place of worship to becomne the best damn Holy Soldier he could possibly be to help his brother.

More recently the pet rabbit he shares with Arjen was murdered. Poor, poor Mr. Kitty :( On the trail of the murderers, he asked his friend Birdseye Fishticks to help. They met Ava, an elven rogue who also had her rabbit murdered. The four of them have been adventuring for a while together.

Roghar Rhobbing

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