Olden McGroin

Unique Dragonborn Wizard


Olden was originally born into a Dragonborn only town called Crapstone, located on the Sword Coast. His family were treated with suspicion and mild fear for being the only magic users in a predominately fighter orientated community. But they were accepted due to their specialties with healing, and their unflinching courage when defending the townspeople from attack. Olden himself was the subject of greater suspicion however, as he was born with unusual colourings (his scales were sky blue with golden edges, his hair was gold, his left eye was emerald green, his right sapphire blue), the only time another Dragonborn had these colourings, was a powerful magic-using tyrant who lived 850 years ago. Despite all this, Olden had many friends, and had a happy childhood. But at adolescence, his friends’ parents pushed their children into the Fighter, Warlord and Paladin roles associated with Dragonborns. Olden’s friends turned against him, attacking him, then treating him like a leper. Olden grew angry and retaliated, using magic to give all the males in town erectile dysfunction. However this made them more aggressive, and they attacked his home. He barely made it out of town alive, but his parent’s were brutally slaughtered, and their heads impaled on pikes as a warning to others curious about magic. Olden drifted for a while, until he came across Baldur’s Gate. There, in the Elfsong Tavern, he encountered a powerful Eladrin Archmage, who took him under his wings (which it turns out were the result of spellcasting after too much mead), and taught Olden about magic. One day though, tragedy struck as the Eladrin, Al Coholic, got bladdered and cast a spell with horrific consequences, and was devoured by his own testicles. Olden then joined with the Harpers, and was assigned to a team (who due to a catastrophic translation error, were called “The Butt Lickers”) who were in need of a Wizard. Olden spent his days upholding justice, before word of a terrible blight in a far away land reaches them, and they set out for Kraler. After a long and tiring journey, they arrived, and without resting, set out to save the townspeople.

Olden McGroin is a proud War Mage, who has partial to using cold and lightning spells, though he has fire spells at hand as well. His only friends now are the other Butt Lickers, especially a Human Ranger named Emma Roids. He gets along with Humans, Eladrin, Halflings, Dwarves, Dragons, and magic users in general. He despises Tieflings, Giants, Orcs, Drakes, Dragonborns not of the Wizard or Ranger class, Rogues, and the Undead. He does not get along well with Elves either. He has only two arch enemies: A Dragonborn Paladin called Biggus Dickus, who has stalked Olden since he left Crapstone, and a Tiefling called Jamaskos, who nicked his money, his mother’s pendant, and his father’s lucky sculpture during a brief encounter while the Butt Lickers were visiting a town called Charbridge. Olden has a deep set fascination with magic, myths & legends, history, dragons, and the Astral Sea. His goals are to uphold justice, bring acceptance to Dragonborn Wizards, explore myths and ancient ruins, and to set foot in the Astral Sea. He often prays to Avandra, especially before long journeys and adventures.

Olden McGroin

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