Destiny's Calling

Why Wizards are awesome or: How I learned to stop worrying about Dragons

Continuing on our journey through the forest at the behest of Destiny, we encountered some Elves, with their pet Drake and their friend the witch. We fought them and killed them. We uncovered some strange markings on a stone and carried on through the forest.

We interrupted two dragons (a mother and her child) and I suggested we retreated. Baz and Northern Chris decided that we could handle them and so a fight ensues (I swear it’s an attitude like that that will get us killed and we are no use to anyone if we are dead!).

I needn’t have worried, because we have Sonliin with us and he’s a Wizard. Wizards are awesome. As he demonstrated.

Waiting patiently for his turn, Sonliin mumbled things until it was time to unleash his spell. HE cast Sleep on BOTH dragons. They both failed their first saving throw and therefore fell asleep. I then suggested that now would be a great time to retreat, but no, Baz and Northern Chris overruled me. So they started whaling on them (or is it wailing? neither make sense). We managed to almost kill one before he work up. He was quickly dispatched with. Then we had the mother left. she was a lot tougher.When she woke up she was kicking our arse until Sonliin came up trumps again. Realising that the biggest thing to effect us was the ongoing poison damage he cast Mass resistance to imbue us with magic that would filter out the poison, rendering half of the Dragon’s attack useless.

We are still in the fight with the Dragon, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we prevail and we can get on with learning more about what on earth is going on.

I enjoyed this session a lot :)


Surely if we manage to live through this and kill the dragon(s) we’ll level up TWICE!!!…?


No. Dragon’s don’t provide that much XP. Plus, you have to divide it by 5. And what was written on the rock was the Dead Dwarf’s obituary.


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