Destiny's Calling

The death and rebirth of Birdseye Fishsticks

After the heroic sacrifices of Roghar Robbin, Golwar and Birdseye Fishsticks in defeating the evil dragons and rescuing the good dragon the remaining party members slumped down and took in the scene.

Quickly talk turned to resuscitating their fallen comrades, but Arjen was adamant that his brother would not want to be resuscitated as it went against his religion. It was decided that they would take Birdseye’s dead body back t town to see what they could do with it. Golwar’s body was unfortunately too heavy for anyone to carry, so they left him in place.

Heading back to the town, they went to the Dragon’s Head to see about raising Birdseye. After discussing it briefly with someone, a dragon was summoned and his lifeforce drained and given to Birdseye. Before he got to celebrate his new found life, some people crashed through the doors of the inn and started attacking the patrons. The 4 remaining party members took care of the attackers (with a lot of help from the other people in the tavern).

Once the situation had calmed down, the party was summoned to the Mayor’s office. It turns out that there were three mayors! 2 were clearly shape shifting imposters. Also in attendance were a Genasi Wizard by the name of Sonliin who was a Pyromancer as well as his good buddy Linden who was a Swordmage. They would’ve been very useful in the tavern brawl earlier, but never mind. Sonliin quickly identified who the real mayor was and some imps broke through the walls of the office and then a fight ensued. the imps and imposters didn’t last too long against the combined might of Arjen, Birdseye, Lia, Sonliin and Linden. Olden McGroin was present to, but the only contribution he seemed to make was hitting Sonliin and Linden with friendly fire (or friendly acid to be more precise). After the fight ended, the group caught their breath and before they could join forces and go and put right the ills of the town, some more people burst through the walls of the office (seriously people, get trained in Dungoeneering and build some solid fucking walls!!). We will kick their arse next time.


Ok, first of all, we didn’t rescue Cyraxis II, he was talking to the three Black Dragon brothers when we burst in. He helped us defeat them. Second, Olden killed 4 imps, making use of his dragon breath, thunderwave, and acid arrow. A Lightning Bolt also helped matters. I just couldn’t get to the Succubi. Linden spent half the battle chatting up Lia, Sonliin was more useful though. Arjhan did well, even considering he became dominated and bashed a guardsman.


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