Destiny's Calling

holy crap, where did he go!

do you believe in creatures from another plane of exsistance.

Indeed something was wrong, all eyes turned towards each other, each adventurer not quite knowing in that moment who to trust. The tension built like the blood testing scene in The Thing one adventurer thought, although this was from a quasi future premonition. The characters slowly, starting to apply the other traits they had, other than randomly butchery and assorted magical mayhem. They began to deduce, that there was something wrong and that there was a magical aura or so called “lynz effect” coming from a member. Through perception, they began to rule each other out from the suspect list, until they come to the character that was the suspect (Olden McGroin) and then poof, the character disappered or what was perceived as disappering. After some dumb founded looks amongst each other and that paused surely they interated with one of us to know they were a person from another dimension and the thought that maybe some of them probably shouldn’t eat berries from the forest as it doesn’t do much for concentration. They decided to continue with what they were doing anyway. Charming but it was a plan and thus they came across a funny looking triangle shaped creature. (He had some technical monster name from the codex of all things monsters, but lets face it, how many traingle shaped creatures thingys do you come across anyway, so you just remember his strange head). Well it seems this guy was rather popular and had all sorts of creatures after him, again (the lynz effect but for monsters, mynx effect if you want to coin it). The trusty bunch of adventures went straight to their first instinct with all situations ranging from picnics to book club meetings, pull out your weapons, staff, spells, wands and start hammering the crap out of things. It used to solve most debates and made adventurer picnics more of a laugh. Back and forth the adventurers laid down some pretty awesome whoop ass, not much on the tactics, just kick ass spell burning the poor little monsters to tasty bbq style snacks (going cheap at 10 gold coins per dozen). The adventuers with the sword, started hacking away like a pms effected butcher and in the end there wasnt much left of anything, the poor triangle shaped guy was out for the count and the place was a blooming mess. Still problem solved, no creatures left and for all the adventurers knew it could have been a friendly gathering of monsterville, (so our trusty heros probably wont win monster peace badges this year), still there’s always next year. After a quick refresh and a little bit of healing (whoaaa), they decided to quiz triangle guy. (You would think no he wouldn’t be chatty, but after the carnage it had seen and the dead carcases being used as snacks it thought yep better talk). After many ramblings about inter dimensional travellings and the fact that the lost adventurer couldnt be retrieved that easily, because the triangle guy employers were too powerful (think heavy trade union), it was decided that the friendly creature would take a message and this is where our adventurers paused. What message, how should they use this frightened dimension hopping triangle guy, what should the adventurors have as a dipping sauce for friend bug creatures, that will be the question for the next adventure.



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