Destiny's Calling

gnome today, burnt tomorrow


This could be onesided due to the awesomeness of sonlin in this game!!  After coming out triumpantly from the maze, again strange coincidence that burning the maze would result in more aggresive weed things.  At this point, you wonder should an adventurors kit contain weed killer, bug spray and a water hose. It could solve most of our problems easier.  Still heros, maze sorted, kudos to heros for getting around unicorn without their usual destroy, burn and steal the dead or deficate the dead.   The hero’s decide like all trusty horror movies to seperate, works in horrors, what could go wrong!  For once though the heros employed some tactics and decided to sneak around the bushes funnelling potential avenues of attack, this was sonlin and lindon.  Arjan, dragonboy and birdseye taking the advantage on the hill.  Low and behold, instead of the usual wilderness with lovely ponds and scenic flowers, the heros find a field of nasty gnomes, who decide to try various methods to try to kill adventurors.  I mean was there some sort of blog or letter campaign about the adverurors, no matter where they go, they come across bad things wanted to start some or maybe its payback for deficating the dead who knows.  Still the gnomes come in after dividing with slightly more going to thr right flank, the gnomes start by blinding and poisoning the adventurors.  Blinded sonlin thinks screw it and just blast the little feckers with a flame strike and toasts five of them.  with there little feet still burning and the dazed wtf expression they try to muster back into the fight.  Paul comes in with some pretty good attacks and shielding and occupies the little blighters for a bit, while on the other side, thanks to some poor gnome markmanship and bad weapon swings, the rest of the adventourors manage to hold their own and start beating them down.  At this point you have to injeract we battle hardened adventourors, big weapons, armour, one of us is a dragon, elemental as such and were taking on gnomes.  Sonlin go again, but this time he can see the little feckers and think blow it, pulls out another flame attack, so powerful was this one, that pobman takes a critical hit, although always willing to take one for the team, just shrugs his head and claps like a team player.  On this one two of the blighters take a critical hit and a total of 7 gnomes take a hit, 3 dead not all of them slightly toasted.  they try and come back, but lets face it, there butt munched and counting down there timers.  meanwhile on the otherside the other adventourors are hacking the crap out of the rest of the gnomes and in dismay there still rolling low rolls.  the few hits they are manageming, are dazing, blinding and stalling the adventourours, injurywise, about as deadly as a knittin needle from the crazy old woman up the stream.  (caution dont drink the water).  Sonlin all cocky says to lindon he is not needed and in flash, he teleports right in front of the gnome and despactches him, in a few quick moves.  Poor little gnome, dare he stand against pobman.  At this point, because sonlin is so damn hard, he intimidates one of them to dance around a magical aura.  Again the cocky sonlin steps in, going with the triend and tested creates a super storm of fire, so powerful it roasts some poor flying birds (probably to return evil at some point).   the rest of gnomes get fracked (fracked due to the presence of a lady, aka bas mum).   sonlin triumpantly taken on over half the gnomes and one, he trots round to try to help the others, but the wee gnomes out of site of his weapons, in his frustration, sonlin takes on the tree and poor acorns get toasted, the rest of the adventourors kick ass and its gnome shish kebabs skeletons are taken as trophy and dragonboy heals everyone.  The adventourours look at all the magical bits and each magical bit contains an element, including electricity, not sure if that is an elemenet unless your raydan.  The guys decide to check out some cave, not the brothal the local club or restaurant, the cave (another classic horror movie move).  luckily this cave is inhabited by our friendly dragon who has helped us, teasing us by hovering over some treasure.  The treasure motivated heros think hmmm, but kick ass dragon means probable death, conclusion look at the lovely pool in the middle of the cave which cant be peed in.  our toughened adventurours decide to stroke bunny that has come out every hour from the pool, well a creature comes out.  it was such a lovely day in the cave, that dandolins where worn in true gok style.  The dragon explains that the pool brings thing back to life.  enter sonlin and the moment of genius takes one of the carcasses of gnome and puts it in the pool, out comes naked nobby, the adventorors new pet, mascot, general dogs body.  recently being brought back to life and dazed, but without his murderous ways, hurrah.  sonlin claims his prize and ties a rope around him.  Nobby  4 foot 2, mostly nakd, likes long walks in the field and spitting of bridges, hates fire, loves water, friends call him naked nobby.  Sonlin then grabs some venom from a friendly spider as you do and the group grab some life giving water.  They decide to go help a town that is being harassed (think by something evil, who would have guessed).  The adventourours move on, when they get to the town, naked nobby has disapeered.  The shock and upset of losing the teams mascot, forces them back to the cave on a saving private nobby mission, they find that as nobby left the cave, he was taken by some bad dude wizard possibly linked to the evil doings.  God bless coincidence, it is decided that the heros will become more kick ass, take on the wizard and rescue naked nobby (poster to come soon).  The heros went back to the town to continue to burn. 



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