D&D Campaign – Destiny’s Calling.

This is my first campaign as a DM. It consists of 7 main adventures and 7 bridging adventures. The Campaign starts off in the small town of Kraler, situated in the North – Eastern part of the contenent of Galyana. Kraler is a peaceful place, mostly farmers, but lately they have been blighted by a terrible creature that is destroying crops and killing livestock and townsfolk. The Kraler Guards are powerless to help. Mordred, who is the Mayor of Kraler, has sent a party of adventurers to the beast’s lair, an ancient floating tower located over an old battlefield, but there has been no word from them in days. Five adventurers who have travelled from the Capital City Elasmeer are sitting in the Dragon’s Head Tavern, having drinks and reminiscing about their past adventures and battles. Which is where Destiny calls upon them…...

On my Wiki page, I decided to write descriptions of the main locations of my campaign so that the players can see the campaign route (the route path doesn’t show up too well on my world map, it blends in with the sand). Doing this may also allow them to prepare in some way so that they are less likely to be killed.

There will be 6 characters in this campaign: A Dragonborn Wizard by the name of Helix Draxzonyx – Controlled by the DM (me), An Eladrin Warlock by the name of Devraek Loreweave (<—>m short changing them, and they have a 3% chance of completing the Campaign Finale (not completing without dying, completing full stop). I now need to work out a way to drop at least 300,000 XP on them without adding extra adventures or hundreds of monsters.

Destiny's Calling

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